How to Crimp for Molex 6471 & 6410 Headers and Housings

These images demonstrate how to crimp a Molex Crimps(Mfg# 08-50-00xx such as 08-50-0032) for use with compatible headers and housings

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A needle nose is required for this part.
*Its easy to hold the wire and the crimp between your pointer finger and thumb.
- Remove a heavy 1/8th inch of insulation off the wire.
- Position the wire so that the insulation is in section 1 of but not section 2 as seen in Fig. 2a & 3a
- Fold over 1 tab from section 2 onto the bare wire. Fig. 4a
- Fold over the other tab in section 2 ontop of the first tab. Give it a good squeeze. Fig. 6a
- Do the same to the tabs in section 1, except they will fold over the insulation, squeeze it tight, but keep it circular shape, don't flatten it out. Fig. 9a
- Fold the tabs in section 3 in, but don't squeeze them closed. And again make sure not to flatten them outwards or they won't fit in the housing. see Done